I am blessed with several family members I could have written about for this contest, but I chose my dad because when he died, a part of me left this earth also. I still miss him everyday. 

Love, to me, looks like an alcoholic who, even in the throes of a horrible addiction, was the one person in the world who loved his little girl.
Love, to me, looks like an 8×10 picture of a man holding his newborn baby girl in one hand and looking at her as if she is the only person in the entire world.
Love, to me, is a Father who gets all tongue twisted at the mention of his little girl’s boyfriend.
Love, to me, is that same Father who, when asked, “Who gives this woman away?” says, “I don’t want to, but I guess I will.”
Love, to me is a Father who listens patiently as his daughter talks about marriage troubles that he has already been through and says, “Well, Little Girl, it will all work out for the best.”, and then pats her on the head as if she is only a child.
Love, to me, is a daughter who cooks dinner for daddy and brings it to him when he is sick.
Love, to me, is a daughter who holds her daddy’s hand when he is afraid to go to the doctor.
Love, to me, is a daughter who, after the doctor tells her daddy he has cancer and not long to live, says, “Daddy, don’t you worry, it’ll all work fine.”, and then rushes outside to cry.
Love, to me, is a daughter who walks into a hospital and, for the first time sees how small and fragile her Father, her favorite man, has become, and walks to the bedside and cradles his head like he is a sick child.
To me, love looks like a person, any person, who would do anything for the person that they love. Love looks like memories of important stages in your life with that one person a constant in all of them. That is what love looks like to me.


The Locker Room by Amy Lane

  5 ****STAR

           Book- Locker Room
           Author- Amy Lane
           Publisher-Dreamspinner Press
          Genre- Romance
          Rating Mature-Alternative Lifestyle
Where do I even begin to review this amazing story? So here is the thing….I was privy to this story during its inception….I was a Beta reader for Amy Lane, receiving Locker Room one chapter at a time…Being able to absorb this story was wonderful.
Xander Karcek was made for greatness….He feels he would not have achieved this, if it wasn’t for his Chris, Christian Edwards. So lets start at the beginning.
At fourteen, and standing at 6 foot one, Xander wandered in the fading light, holding a basketball, dreading to go home. Home was where his crack-head mother was and possibly the boyfriend of the day were. Home was a dirty foul apartment, with no food, and a mother who told him to smoke some crack to abate the hunger. Home was a place where someone could hurt him. It was getting late and very cold and there on the basketball court he was passing stood a boy, his age, well dressed, about 6 inches shorter asking”Aren’t ya gonna throw that to me? ” That was the MOMENT …

This is the first paragraph of the completed review of the book THE LOCKER ROOM by AMY LANE. To see the complete review please visit Paranormal Romance Guild.


ISBN: 978-1-59578-774-3
November 2010
Liquid Silver Books
142 pages
Rating: 4 cups
Alexander Christofedes is a scientist obsessed with wolves. He is also tortured by nightmares and self-doubt. After an expedition in which several of his colleagues are attacked and killed by a wolf pack, Alex begins to dream of werewolves and of the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. When he receives a mysterious letter in the mail, he decides to go back to the scene of the attack and try to ease his guilty conscience at being the only survivor and put the grief of the horrible incident to rest.
Sabine Luna has a strong loyalty to her family. She is sassy and does not hesitate to speak her mind. She is also the woman in Alex’s dreams. Deep down, she is unsure of her own strengths and capabilities, which cause her to question her ability to care for and protect her family. She is smart and caring and always tries to keep the peace.
The relationship Alex develops with the clan members is rocky at first but turns into a solid friendship once he proves that he is trust worthy. Alex and Sabine develop their relationship quickly but it fits well with the circumstances surrounding them. The dialogue is very believable, clearly written, and easy to understand and relate to. Throughout the story, you watch both Alex and Sabine find strengths they did not realize they had or that they were not using to their full potential.
‘Dark Moon Rising’ is Amanda Jayde’s debut novel. It is a fantastic story filled with love, loyalty, passion, deceit, betrayal, werewolves, and magic. Ms. Jayde hooks you at the beginning and keeps you hooked until the very last word. This book takes family ties and loyalty to an entirely new level. By the end, I was filled with love and pride for the Benandanti Clan. I completely enjoyed reading this book and becoming immersed in the world of these wonderful characters. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for Ms. Jayde’s next release.
Reviewed by Beth

Who do we think we are?

I am so tired of hearing people talk about Hispanics like they are garbage. So what if they are brown. What makes “white” people think they are so much better? I’m sorry, but GOD made this world and everything in it. Who are we to criticize or pretend we like we own it? Everyone is having a fit either because they think Hispanics are abusing government assistance programs or because they are “concerned with the rapid browning of America”. Seriously? What is that? Last time I checked, “white” people were spending hours laying in the sun and slowly broiling themselves to death while spending thousands on tanning lotions to BECOME BROWN! 
If this makes any of my readers angry, I’m sorry, but this situation has gotten to out of control. Personally, If I were Hispanic, the U.S would be the LAST place I would come to. I don’t know about anybody else, but I don’t like being surrounded by hateful and prejudiced people who think skin color is a deciding factor in whether or not a person is ‘worthy’. Worthy of what, by the way?

Presente | Shoot immigrants from a helicopter?

The article that caught my attention was the one in which Kansas State Representative Virgil Peck made the completely prejudicial and hateful remark, “It looks like to me if shooting these immigrating feral hogs works maybe we have found a [solution] to our illegal immigration problem.”
REALLY?! Is this the kind of person or frame of mind someone in ANY branch of our government should have? If this link takes you to the page to sign a petition asking, no, DEMANDING that this narrow minded bigot resign from his position, please sign it. You are not saying that you agree or disagree with illegal immigration, only that this type of thought process should not be allowed in our government.

Presente | Shoot immigrants from a helicopter?