Reading the Bible

People are always looking for meaning in their life. Recently there was a big fuss about the end of the world. A man decided that he had figured out that the world would end on a Saturday…and people believed him. Some of these people sold or gave away everything they had in anticipation of the rapture. I have no problem with people who have faith in this event. I believe it myself. However, I read my Bible enough to know that God is the ONLY one who knows when this will take place. There is no man on this planet who knows when the end of the world will come, not a single one. If people believe in God, reading the Bible is a must. So become familiar with the Word of God so that you know when someone else is mistaken and when they are telling you something you should take seriously. Take your faith seriously, trust that God loves you and will not lead you wrong and you will have nothing to worry about!


Okay, so I have finally gotten the site up. I am sure I will be changing it around some in the coming days but for now, I at least have it up. Please go by and visit and drop me a line to let me know what you think. The Polished Word Editing and Marketing Services  I would love to get authors’ opinions so I can figure out how to gear it more toward attracting them!


So my husband just started a new job which involves a LOT of travel. He is working on the conveyer systems and ovens and such for bakeries. Right now, we are in Four Oaks, North Carolina. I must say that this place seems to be agreeing with me so far. It has been overcast a lot since we have been here. That’s great news for me since the sun breaks me out in huge, red, itchy hives. The weather is a little cooler here, too….awesome!
I have my computer and plenty of work to keep me busy thanks to WCP and freelance article writing. I’m not even all that homesick. We also travel with my parents, which means that, no matter where we go, I know at least 2 people. My life still seems to be coming together in all the right places. See, I have a problem being out in public, my doctor calls it ‘Borderline Agoraphobia’, I just call it an allergic reaction to crowds. This prevents me from working in public but I still wanted to make a little money that was my own. So, for about a year, I looked and I hunted high and low for some sort of work from home opportunity. It wasn’t easy and it was really frustrating. I was the victim of more than one scam, which almost made me call it quits. The desire to work for and earn my own money was stronger than the desire to throw my hands up in surrender, however. I finally got my first editing position with World Castle Publishing and from there got two positions as a freelance article writer. My work is not done, though. Now, I must design a schedule for myself that will allow me to get all my work done in an organized fashion. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!! 🙂 For those of you who follow my blog and are looking for work at home opportunities, I would suggest checking out Once you register, you can look through hundreds of job postings to find something you are interested in and qualified to do and then just keep applying until you have as many jobs as you can handle. Good luck and happy hunting!


Hello everyone! I am excited to announce that I will be providing freelance editing services for authors. My goal in doing this is to offer awesome editing services that won’t break the bank! I am in the process of building a web site…I don’t know WHAT I was thinking! Until my site is up and functional, you can contact me with questions via this blog. Happy Writing!!

Giving Up Is Not An Option

Most of my family and friends know that I have a passion for books. Paper backs, hardcover, electronic; it doesn’t really matter to me. It can be fiction, nonfiction, reference books, or, depending on the person, a biography. I am not picky as long as I can read it.
The point of me telling you this is that I have always wanted to make a career out of something that would keep me surrounded by my first true love…BOOKS! I also needed it to be something I could do from where ever I happened to be at the time. Well, after months of looking for it, I found just such a job! I say “months”, but it was closer to a year.
Have you ever had a period of time in your life when it just seemed like everything was working out the way it needed to without much pushing or shoving from you? I seem to be in the middle of one of those times. Okay, so now that I have grabbed your curiosity, let me tell you what my new job is, (drum-roll, please), I am officially an editor for a publishing company! Yay, me!!!!
After all the time I spent researching how to become an editor or proofreader, how to write a book, and everything in between, I was chatting with one of my friends on Facebook and was telling her what I was looking for and then asked if she had any suggestions. That’s when she told me about World Castle Publishing. Mind you, I have no experience as an editor, just a love for grammar and spelling.
I sent an e-mail to the owner and explained that I would love to become an editor and that I had the program on my computer to edit and proofread documents.
I want you to know that the precious woman decided to give me a chance! I have never been so happy in my life! When I received the e-mail from her saying that she would be more than happy to give me a chance, I screamed and shouted like I had just won the lottery. That one e-mail made all the days and frustrating dead ends worth it to me. If I had given up even one second before, I would never have gotten this opportunity.
It’s not just about being able to make a little money from home; it’s about having a chance to make money from home doing something that I love and being given the chance to ‘meet’ some really great people. So far, I have finished one book and am working on a second. Both of the authors are wonderful and friendly and also extremely talented.
Following this post, I will be writing separate posts on each author and doing a review of both of the books. I hope to do a post about World Castle Publishing, (WCP), and its owner. I would like to talk about how and why WCP was started and talk about what it can offer its authors that other publishing companies can’t or won’t provide.
The moral in this post is this; others may tell you that what you want is silly or hopeless, that it isn’t a viable plan or that it will never happen. DO NOT LISTEN!!! Your dreams are never silly or hopeless. DO NOT give up because giving up is NOT an option. With patience, perseverance, and more than a little stubbornness, you can and will succeed! Keep going it’s worth it in the long run.
I hope that anyone reading this takes something away with them. Giving up on a dream is a sad, sad thing, especially when the payoff may be just an e-mail away.

What is Your Favorite Season?

Spring is here and all the flowers are beginning to show off their gorgeous colors. Trees are letting go with some serious greenery and all the animals that seemed to have vanished over night when Winter came, are all out playing and happy. That’s my list of likes for Spring. My favorite seasons are Fall and Winter. While others spend the entire Winter begging for Summer, I spend the Winter dreading the Summer. I am told I am an odd ball but I don’t mind being odd.
I have an allergy to the sun that only rears it’s ugly head in the hotter months of the year. I spend my Summer constantly seeking the shade or choosing when I should go outside and what for. Of course, I like the coziness of Winter also. Snuggling up on the couch with my puppies and a nice warm blanket is the perfect way to spend a Winter evening.
It seems that I spend the entire summer trying to avoid the sun and heat. No beaches for me unless it’s really cloudy, early in the morning(I am NOT a morning person!), or late in the evening. I love Winter as much as a fish loves water.

What’s your favorite season and why?