Okay, so I have finally gotten the site up. I am sure I will be changing it around some in the coming days but for now, I at least have it up. Please go by and visit and drop me a line to let me know what you think. The Polished Word Editing and Marketing Services  I would love to get authors’ opinions so I can figure out how to gear it more toward attracting them!


  1. Beth,I went to see your Editing site. Looking good.Cheers,Lea Ellen

  2. Vamchoir says:

    I have a couple of suggestions. One is to use a uniform font for your paragraph style. Looks to me … in the same location … you're using both the Garamond font and Arial font just one paragraph away from each other. (Choose one font for paragraph formation and stick with it – except you can use a different fonts for titles, subtitles, and such as that.)The second suggestion involves how you plan your website for the future. Make sure you provide a sensible format so authors can find the links they need rather easily in a very organized fashion without having to hunt and seek for contact info, sample work, and such.

  3. Beth Price says:

    Thanks for the suggestions,VamChoir, but I think I may just try to promote my editing through this blog.

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