A few weeks ago I did a review of an incredibly marvelous book by an amazingly talented author. The book is SALEM MOON by SCARLET BLACK. Here is the link to the review: http://bethswritingopinions.blogspot.com/2011/05/salem-moon-by-scarlet-black.html
I told you I would let you know when it was available for purchase…IT IS!!! I am so excited! Partly because this was the very first book I edited for World Castle Publishing and partly because Debra, (aka: Scarlet Black), is a wonderful person. She is a genuinely good hearted individual and I wish her all the luck in the world! Don’t forget that there is a part 2 to this story. She is working on it now(YAY!) Here are the links to purchase this book. Please read it and then come back and let me know how much you enjoyed it…because I know you will. You can go straight to the Publisher’s website here:World Castle Publishing Once you click the link to go to the publisher’s site you will be asked to register to purchase the book. It takes less than a minute, plus you get a code for a 20% discount on any and all books. Here is the link to go to amazon. Happy Reading!!! 




I have decided that I would like to learn a little more about the marketing side of the book business. Since I know about zilch as of right this minute, I guess that means I have a lot to learn. I think I can pretty much handle it on Facebook and that’s it. I need to know things like; What exactly is a press release and how is it done? What do the authors like to see when their book is being marketed and/or promoted? What college classes would one take to get some sort of background in marketing? Would one really even have to take college courses or could they just pick up the information, learn the ropes and then just go with it? I know I have a bunch of Facebook friends who are also authors. I hope I can get some advice and direction from them or from anyone with a background in marketing who would just like to help a girl out. Anyone who has knowledge of marketing books, please leave a comment or feel free to contact me via the email address on my ‘contact me’ page. Thanks a ton!!


So, as most of my followers know, I got a job as editor for World Castle Publishing about a month or so ago. (God Bless Karen’s sweet heart!) As an editor, I have had the privilege to get to know some wonderfully awesome, warm, and friendly people. I talk with most of them either by phone or email a couple of times a week and have come to think of them as friends. I have also learned, through this job, that the words in the book that you buy at the bookstore or on-line don’t just magically fall onto the pages ready to read. From what I’ve seen, writing a book and polishing it for publication is a lot like having a baby. It starts as a thought, grows into an idea, and then it is slowly shaped and molded into the finished work by its creator. It is, simply put, someone’s work of art.
This work of art is then fine-tuned by creator, publisher, and editor so that it can be sent into the world for others to enjoy.  I have loved books for as long as I can remember. When I read a book I am not just reading the words on the page; I am taking a trip somewhere and meeting new people, becoming part of someone’s life for the duration of that book.
Because I have such a love of books (and maybe because I was raised to know and respect the difference between right and wrong) I have also always had a respect for the author. Authors are not all people who live in mansions and roll around in luxury all day. Most authors have just figured out how to turn their passion into a way to make money. Isn’t that everyone’s dream? Doing something we love day after day and earning a living doing it?
This is where the bad pirate comes in. Let’s say that author X has three children who are all in school, a day job, and a husband. Let’s also assume that, because author X has children in school, that she also has ball and/or cheer leading practice to drive her children to four days a week and that she has to make sure everyone gets fed because her husband can’t boil water without hurting himself (no offense, husband). Oh, how author X loves the weekend! The children are all at a friend’s house, the husband has gone fishing/golfing with the neighbor and the house is quiet. So, author X wakes up before the sun comes up, fixes herself a ginormous pot of coffee and decides what to do for the day. She goes through and does a light cleaning on the house and sits down at her computer, coffee in hand, turns on her favorite CD of storm sounds and starts on the final chapter of a novel she started more than a year ago.
Fast forward six months. Author X is simply euphoric! Her book has finally hit the shelves and e-book stores! She is already thinking about how the money she makes will get this kid braces or that kid a new pair of cleats. If she manages the money just right, they can probably afford a new car. Along comes Bad Pirate. This person has figured out how to get author X’s e-book without paying for it, cool, huh? Ummmmm, no! Definitely NOT cool! Why should Bad Pirate benefit from another’s hard work, dedication and, above all, dream? GET A JOB ALREADY! If Bad Pirate can’t afford to buy the book, maybe he or she should get a job. Piracy is the same as stealing. It’s dishonest and low down.
This would be where the Bad Pirate remembers the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I bet Bad Pirate would be really pissed if someone just walked into their house and took something valuable from them. Illegally downloading e-books, movies, or whatever else, is the same thing. It is a punishable offense and Karma tends to take a big bite out of people when she finds her way back around to them…and she ALWAYS finds her way back around. Just don’t do it!
I am not saying anything that hasn’t already been said, I’m sure. But no one has the right to take from anyone else. If they have found a way to justify stealing, they should be on medication for hallucinations. There is no way to justify it.


I have been contacted via my blog by author Goldie Browning to review her book NIGHT JOURNEY ! I can’t wait to get started on it. Instead of telling you what it’s about, I am going to post a link for you to go read an excerpt of it http://www.goldiebrowning.com/
Once you read the excerpt you will want to read it also. Goldie gives the run down on where she got the idea for the book(hint: it has ghosts in it). So go fourth and read! And keep checking back here for the review. It will be up in a couple of days.


Book # 1 in the Andrew Mayhem Series
ISBN: (13)9780759927353
October 2010
Mundania Press
e-book/ paperback/ hardcover
$ 2.99/$ 12.00/ $22.00
179 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Andrew Mayhem is on a mission to find his perfect career. He has tried his hand at a myriad of things but has not found the right fit so far. Andrew has an amazing sense of humor and manages to keep that humor intact no matter how bad the situation may be.

Roger Tanglen is Andrew’s best friend. Roger is not an adventurer and prefers his life to be normal and quiet. However, he is also a follower by nature, so it is not hard for Andrew to convince him to do almost anything, no matter how hare-brained the scheme.

Andrew Mayhem is between jobs and needs to come up with the money to have some repairs done on his car. While he and Roger are at a coffeehouse one evening, a woman comes to them with a strange business proposition. She will pay them twenty thousand dollars to retrieve a key for her. Andrew thinks that this may be the answer to his dilemma. The problem is that they will have to rob a grave to get the key. The decision to accept the job sends both Andrew and Roger on a dangerous scavenger hunt. From being shot at and kidnapped to hearing a murder take place and finding a dead body in the car, Andrew’s mystery solving capabilities are pushed to the limit by an unknown individual with his or her own agenda.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable read. Mystery and humor intertwine to keep the reader entertained and delighted from first page to last. Andrew Mayhem’s sense of humor and some of the hilarious situations he gets himself and Roger into, made me laugh out loud. The characters are endearing and lovable and may even remind you of your next-door neighbor or your favorite uncle. Mr. Strand blends mystery and humor brilliantly in this book. If you have not read Jeff Strand already, I strongly encourage you to grab this book and prepare to laugh…a lot.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More


ISBN# (10)1452834814/(13)9781452834814
April 21, 2010
Solstice Publishing
$17.99 print/$9.99 Ebook
427 pages
Rating: 4 out of 5 cups

Mitch Jacobs is a man who believes in giving the average person the chance to be extraordinary. He is ‘tough as nails’, but is also compassionate. He has built his company, Symbiotic, with hard work, dedication and loyal employees. He looks out for all of his workers and all of his clients and knows that these two groups of people are what make Symbiotic successful.

Andrew Friedman is the exact opposite of Mitch. He has a self-centered, power hungry and greedy attitude. He never gives a second thought to others unless he can use them to get what he wants. The only thing in life that is important to him is more of everything. He is an abusive individual who will do anything to get what he wants, no matter the cost.

The CEO is an adrenaline pumping thriller set in the corporate world. Mitch Jacobs and his company, Symbiotic, are the focus of a hostile takeover attempt and a murder investigation. Mitch knows that someone is out to destroy him, but who? Throughout this novel he works to discover who could be behind all of his recent troubles. Is it someone within Mitch’s trusted inner circle? Could it be Andrew Friedman, looking to take all the profit that Symbiotic brings in? Or could it be a far more sinister opponent?

This book is a fast-paced thriller that will keep you turning the pages for more. The story is wrapped in suspense and fraught with danger and murder. It takes you from America to the U.K. and several points in between. The characters are wonderfully developed and you will learn to love or hate them. You will find yourself cheering the good guy on out loud. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I hope that everyone else will too.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Author George R. Lasher

Mr. Lasher has been kind enough to let me link to some of his writing so my followers can read his work. In a previous post, I talked about what an awesome author he is and how, in my opinion, he could give Dean Koontz a run for his money. Dean Koontz is my favorite author, so that is saying a lot. Please feel free to come back and leave your opinion after reading the stories. I ask that anyone leaving comments be respectful and encouraging. Thank you!
This first link will take you to Amazon.com where you can purchase a short story anthology in which Mr. Lasher’s short story, The Book, is included. The Writers Bump Anthology consists of several short stories by some of the best writers on writing.com. I hope you enjoy!
This link will send you to a sampling of Mr. Lasher’s work on writing.com