Learning From The Choices You Make

So today I had an epiphany. Everyone knows that life is all about the choices you make. Where you are today is a result of the choices you made yesterday or last week or five years ago. Can you be happy, though, with where you are today and still miss what might’ve been if you’d made different choices? Sometimes I find myself regretting a choice I’ve made that put me on a different path from the one I fiercely wanted to go down. I love my life today and the people in it, but every now and then, my heart hurts and longs for places and people I left behind years ago.
I guess part of appreciating what you have now is dependent on what you had before. Learning from the heartaches and bad choices of the past and moving forward while trying your level best not to repeat those mistakes in your present or future. Looking back on my life, I am a lucky woman to have met so  many wonderful people and to have loved and been loved by a few. I also learned from the ones that I hated and who hated me, so all in all, I guess it is okay to be happy now and to miss what might’ve been.


One thought on “Learning From The Choices You Make

  1. For those who read this and are having a hard time right now, remember, life will not ALWAYS be a struggle, but without the times of struggle and heartache, one can’t appreciate the times of peace and joy when they come. Please feel free to leave a comment, ask a question, or, if you know anyone who might need a little encouragement for the battle, click on the title of this post and copy & paste into an email for them.

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