Learning From The Choices You Make

So today I had an epiphany. Everyone knows that life is all about the choices you make. Where you are today is a result of the choices you made yesterday or last week or five years ago. Can you be happy, though, with where you are today and still miss what might’ve been if you’d made different choices? Sometimes I find myself regretting a choice I’ve made that put me on a different path from the one I fiercely wanted to go down. I love my life today and the people in it, but every now and then, my heart hurts and longs for places and people I left behind years ago.
I guess part of appreciating what you have now is dependent on what you had before. Learning from the heartaches and bad choices of the past and moving forward while trying your level best not to repeat those mistakes in your present or future. Looking back on my life, I am a lucky woman to have met so  many wonderful people and to have loved and been loved by a few. I also learned from the ones that I hated and who hated me, so all in all, I guess it is okay to be happy now and to miss what might’ve been.


Human Blend and Earth Blend by Lori Pescatore

Human Blend

In Human Blend by Lori Pescatore, we meet Laney. Laney is a young woman with a gift to heal. She is also being chased by people who want to hold her captive and experiment on her. All Laney wants is a normal life; a job, friends, and a home. Against her better judgment, Laney ignores her inner voice and begins a relationship with a local guy. She also obtains a volunteer position at the local hospital where she can use her gift to help heal the sick.

Laney knows that her captors are coming for her and that it’s just a matter of time before they find her. She decides that this time she will stay and fight for her right to live normally. That changes, however, when the young man she is in a relationship with begins to exhibit a gift similar to Laney’s. When Laney finds this out, it’s too late to run because ‘they’ have already found her…

Earth Blend

In Earth Blend, we pick up the story of Laney and Austin where Human Blend left off. Laney and Austin try to keep their relationship together as secrets and lies fly around them. Is their budding relationship strong enough to survive the stress of being hunted and being different? Will they have a chance to live normally or will they lose each other and possibly their lives in the struggle to remain free?

I don’t normally read YA novels but these books were AWESOME!! I didn’t feel like I was reading a Young Adult novel. My curiosity was peaked from page one and I was drawn to Laney. She wanted a family and roots so badly! She lived a life that required she lie about almost everything but she tried so hard not to lie. I would definitely suggest that you read these books, whether you are young or old, you will enjoy them from the first page!! Reading these books was a vacation for me. Lori’s writing style is wonderful. She has such a vivid imagination and writes so clearly that it is a pleasure to read her work.

I hope you enjoy reading these two books as much as I did! Come back and let me know what you thought of them. If you’ve already them, what are your thoughts?


Hot and balmy Louisiana nights in a dark and dangerous swamp is the setting for JUDITH McDOWELL’s novel, ROUGAROU.
People in Saint Anthony’s Parish, Louisiana know how to deal with the lethal and slithering creatures that call the swamps home. What they can’t deal with, however, is the Voo-Doo magic that brings forth an extremely deadly creature with a thirst for human blood.
When the body count starts to rise in Saint Anthony’s Parish, each one mutilated to the point of being almost unrecognizable, Detective Donovan Hays and his close friend and ex-partner, Jack Olivier’, get a crash course in what it’s like to live in a horror movie. As they race against the clock to save their loved ones and their town, the questions weighing on their minds are; what sort of creature are they up against and can they find it before it’s too late?
This was a pulse pounding read that kept me scared silly and on the edge of my seat the entire time. It has been newly edited, (by yours truly!), and re-released by World Castle Publishing. You can also visit Judith’s Facebook Fan page here.
I would suggest to anyone who loves horror or paranormal books to read this as soon as you can download or buy it! It also has some romance mixed into the plot for the lovers out there.
ROUGAROU is currently on the front page of All Romance E books here under ‘New Releases’. It has also gone live on Barnes and Noble here. This will be worth checking out!
Once you’ve read it please come back and let me know what you think of it. It is truly an exhilarating reading.  Happy reading! Stay tuned for more novels by Judith McDowell!