What is Your Favorite Season?

Spring is here and all the flowers are beginning to show off their gorgeous colors. Trees are letting go with some serious greenery and all the animals that seemed to have vanished over night when Winter came, are all out playing and happy. That’s my list of likes for Spring. My favorite seasons are Fall and Winter. While others spend the entire Winter begging for Summer, I spend the Winter dreading the Summer. I am told I am an odd ball but I don’t mind being odd.
I have an allergy to the sun that only rears it’s ugly head in the hotter months of the year. I spend my Summer constantly seeking the shade or choosing when I should go outside and what for. Of course, I like the coziness of Winter also. Snuggling up on the couch with my puppies and a nice warm blanket is the perfect way to spend a Winter evening.
It seems that I spend the entire summer trying to avoid the sun and heat. No beaches for me unless it’s really cloudy, early in the morning(I am NOT a morning person!), or late in the evening. I love Winter as much as a fish loves water.

What’s your favorite season and why?